Lake Mburo National Park is Uganda’s most accessible park from Kampala. A visitor to Kampala can even take a day tour to this beatiful national park most famous for conservation of elands and a wide range of Acacia Associated Birds.

Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda’s fourth national park, was designated in 1982, and is situated between the towns of Masaka and Mbarara. It is the only one to contain an entire lake. The attractive acacia-dotted savanna (158 square miles) is home to huge herds of impala, as well as uncommon topi, eland, klipspringer and other antelope. Zebra and buffalo also graze these peaceful acres. At the lake there are hippo and crocodile and a wonderful diversity of birds. Because of the different habitats of the lakeshore and the broad savanna, the variety seems endless. Catch a glimpse of waterbirds diving for fish, the maribou stork, bee-eaters and the cheeky bronze-tailed starling, as well as the majestic crowned crane.

Lake Mburo National Park lies in a rain shadow between Lake Victoria and the Rwenzori Mountains, and receives an average of only 800mm of rain a year. Being near the equator, the rainfall pattern is bimodal, with the long rains occurring from February to June, and the short rains from September to December.

The rains are rather erratic and unpredictable, but most rain tends to fall in April and November. The average recorded temperature is 27.50C with daily variation ranging from 21.50C to 34,00C. July and August are the hottest months.

What to do when in the park
Guide walks
The nature trail offers the visitor a chance to admire nature insitu. Visitors have the opportunity in walk in the circuit at his / her pace although in company of an armed guide. The trail is interpreted in form of a brochure in both English and Runyankole.

Salt Lick
A walk to the near by salt is a summary of it all. Strategically located wooden hide (Observation point) offers a chance to see at least 4 different species of animals at any one time while they lick the salty soil. Most interesting to note is that this is done without the animal’s conscience. Visitors may also walk to area of their own choice.

 Visitor accommodation
Accommodation is available at park headquarters, where chalets are available for single or double occupancy. Meals are available or visitors may carry their own food that the camp staff can help to prepare. Hurricane lamp lighting and warm water bucket bathing are provided. Campfire may be organised on request.

The Lake View Hotel in the nearby town of Mbarara is a modern locally-owned hotel. All rooms have private facilities. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, terrace, swimming pool and sports centre. The hotels own small lake is often surrounded by marabou storks.

Lake Mburo Luxury Tented Camp –
Conveniently located in the heart of Uganda’s Ankole district between Kampala and the attractions in the southwest of the country. There are ten fully furnished Selous tents with verandas, twin bedrooms, dressing areas and ensuite bathrooms. There is a mess tent with bar and a full staff to take care of you.

Mantana Camp, run by Mel and Paul has stunning vistas over 3 lakes, It offers good service whilst retaining the authentic safari spirit. Each tent has twin beds and a bathroom. Each verandah is placed so as to take advantage of stunning African sunsets. The dining room is built on stilts so as to offer guests bird’s eye views across the treetops to the lakes.