We are among the leading tour operators in Eastern Africa.

Cycads African Safaris is one of Africa’s finest tours and travel companies, specializing in organizing Safaris to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. We offer unrivaled tours to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. As our professional and enthusiastic African Safari Leaders, we tread extraordinary paths through different tourist destinations and cultures. We invite you to join in on the journey of discovery and exploration through the East African Region. Whether you are looking for a gorilla safari, chimpanzee trekking tour, family holiday, a mountaineering adventure or a cultural tour in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania, Cycads African Safaris should be your first choice given our comprehensive tour options that can accommodate both your interests and budget.

From panoramic African landscapes to magnificent blue lakes our select tours will explore Uganda and Rwanda’s nature, diverse culture, amazing wildlife and range of natural wonders. We believe in offering adventure seekers an exclusive experience, while providing a service quality beyond expectations. Most of our Uganda Safaris and Rwanda tours are all-inclusive excluding only flights (except for flying safaris). Special events, tourist activities are all incorporated in your safari and are carefully planned and arranged. Our services include tailor-made safaris, car hire, hotel and safari lodge bookings and much more. Come and enjoy your holiday in Africa witnessing all its treasures!

Why Are We Called Cycads Safaris?

Cycads African Safaris derives its name from Cycads which are an ancient group of seed plants with a crown of large compound leaves and a stout trunk. They are a minor component of the flora in tropical and subtropical regions today. Cycads are among the threatened plant species in the world. Following the report from Nature Uganda, cycads are listed among the threatened and endemic plants. Among the ycads so far described from Uganda are:
E. equatorialis (from the south near Jinja)
E. whitelockii (from Western Uganda)
E. septentrionalis
E. macrostrobilus (both of these species occur in the north close to the border with Sudan)


Cycads African Safaris is registered as a tour operation company organizing tours and safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Southern Sudan. We take you top the best safari destinations in these countries (Great Lakes Region). We have been doing this for the past 8 years!


  • Car Hire
  • Tour packages arrangement
  • Ticketing
  • Uganda Hotel bookings
  • Conference bookings
  • Safari Lodge bookings.

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Cycads African safaris LTD are proud members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators ( AUTO ) , Nature Uganda, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) , Cycads Society and partners Tourism Uganda.

Community Support

Cycads African Safaris is actively involved in community welfare and grassroot economic projects aimed at empowering the local community living with in the tourist destinations visited. We work hand in hand with non profit organizations like Helping Hand Uganda to improve the living conditions of orphans and the Disbled in Uganda.

Our Safari Cars

We have a fleet of vehicles in different types, capabilities and capacities to cater for the needs of our ever growing clientele. Among the vehicles are are saloon vehicles, omnibuses, 14 and 30 seater. Mini vans, Pick-ups Station wagons and Lorries. All vehicles are in good mechanical conditions, Insured, licensed well serviced according to their schedules to provide top of the range transportation.


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